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What's in A Creative....? YOU

I'm giving 2 talks this month at a National speaking engagement - centered around creativity, in the workplace, in us. A spirited dialogue on how to build flexible, open, adaptable "creatives" in corporate environments and in our world. Guess what, it is not as far away as you think.

My first instinct of course is to be in completely insane panic about it and then I thought, what the hell - THIS IS EPIC!!   Imagine me having the opportunity to share my love of and embodiment of a creative soul and spirit to a room full of open-minded financial / accountant types. yeah baby!

Kidding aside, there is a lot of talk these days about companies being more creative, more flexible and innovative. These sessions will focus on the people side of that change, one person at a time.

SO, here's the thing, inspiring others to define and connect to what makes them more adaptable and creative as life leaders in their approach to work and life, has me totally jacked! So often I hear people say, "oh I'm not creative at all, I can't even draw a stick man". It makes no difference if you cannot paint or draw! Who even draws stick men anyways, seriously.

Exploring the definition and interpretation of “Creativity”, identifying aspects in us that are both innate and learned and how to build on them and honing in on the powerful and more subtle impacts of alternative approaches to work are the focus of what is sure to be a few colorful sessions.

As we work through Cultivating and Sustaining Creativity in the Workplace and Fostering and Growing Adaptability in Organizations, we will explore maintaining and growing this in unique ways, how we make room for and develop a truly more open work environment for creative thinking,  as we ask and address the following questions:

  • Are organizations prepared for alternative ways of being, going, planning?

  • How do we create a true “Culture of Change” and challenge to the status quo?

  • In what ways, can large companies stay open and grow the wave of creative thinking?

  • How do we build confidence in our peers and teams by allowing them to shine in their own unique way?

  • When and how to give “space” for true analysis and reflection?

Using a holistic Integral Coaching© approach to coaching people in new ways of being, creating lasting strategies and frameworks for original thinking and putting techniques in place to manage those plans and pave a delicious path forward to innovative and embodied change, my goal is to incite and inspire with an insightful session.

Truth is, creativity manifests itself in many, many ways, the way you pick your tie, the way you communicate, the way you cook, the way you decorate your house, the way you pair neon orange socks with a dark blue suit or colour your hair or wear fishnets and stilettos with a classic dress (oh, wait that is me), the way you manage your teams, share knowledge, mentor and guide others. The ways are endless.

Ultimately the message and inspiration I want to foster is that we ALL have nuggets of that "thing", that little fire or quirk or flair that is ours and ours alone, and owning and declaring that as your beauty enables you to share it with the world, in your work, with your heart, all in.

So as I prepare for my workshops and some thought provoking blogs coming up, I invite you to rock the blue eyeliner, go ahead with the shirt your partner hates the color of, step outside your beige, stomp the status quo and really SHOW UP, in all your resplendent crazy diamond glory.....

With love,